James Coddington

Unity3D Environmental Development :: Asset Generation, CGI/VFX for TV, Film, Games and other Software Applications.

I use the latest tools from Unity3D, Autodesk, EON, Adobe and many other studio applications to create realistic, artistic, unique and visually compelling environmental and special assets for use in digital media.

Here is a sampling but certainly not limited to:

• Environment Asset Creation for use in Unity3D and Oculus Rift
• Art Direction (installation or distributed)
• 3D Visualization
• 3D Asset and Content Creation
• Technical Artistry
• Scientific / Engineering / Military Visual Prototyping
• Special FX for TV & Film
• Commercial Marketing Visuals
• Architectural Pre Visualisations
• 3D Animation and CGI Generalist

I work in an off-site, freelance contract capacity at my fully functional digital media studio, complete with all the tools necessary to do any CGI/VFX.

For a more thorough project history please go to:

A little video montage of some work I did.  Click “Advanced Prototyping, Concept Art and CGI and VFX for TV” pages for more thorough and detailed videos of my work.

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